I only attended a couple presentations from the Healing World Cancer Summit, but they were powerful. Here are a few notes, but both are definitely worth looking into more!

Healing World Cancer Summit

Howard Straus

  • Gerson Therapy (gersonmedia.com, gerson.org)
    • No difference in prevention and treatment (what will cure will prevent)
    • Principles:
      • Deficiency and toxitiy are foundations of disease
      • Restore balance by flooding cofactors and coenzymes and flooding body with perfect nutrients, flushing out toxins from abuse (pharmaceuticals, vaccines, food processing chemicals, pesticides, residual antibiotics, air pollution, water toxicity, etc.)
    • Food: Organic, no preservatives, etc.Fresh, not packaged
      • Vegan, fat free
      • Salt free, msg free
      • When you ingest acidic food, you are creating a cancer friendly environment
      • Cancer can’t live in an alkaline environment-make sure body is alkaline-cancer is found in acidic environment
  • Major deficiencies in our modern diet and repair techniques:
    • Potassium
      • Sodium is an enzyme inhibitor (poison)
    • Thyroid
    • Iodine (potassium iodide) to replace chlorine/flourine in thyroid
    • Liver extract injections
  • Fruit & veggie juices essential
  • Fat: when fat was fed to patients, cancerous legion would grow again; no fats and no oils
    • Flax seed oil helped legions go away, helped heal
  • Coffee enema most powerful detox
      • Must detox to heal

    Kris Carr

    • Practical about self talk-move out of place of fear and stress
    • Anti-inflammatory diet (no processed foods, dairy, sugar)
    • pH balance (Caner prefers acidic environment)
    • Boosting immunity (Green juice)
    • Body work (acupuncture to help adrenals, etc.massage, etc)
    • Meditation
    • Movement (Lymph is toxic disposal system, cleans  while exercising)
    • Skincare (If you wouldn’t drink it, don’t put it on your skin)
    • You can’t master wellbeing-you practice wellbeing. It’s a daily practice.