Brendon Burchard

NYT Best Selling Author, Leading High Performance Expert
Superpower: The Charged Brain

NYT Best Selling Author of “The Charge” shares how he came back from a life threatening accident and brain trauma to become the world’s leading expert on high performance. Brendon will show you how our brains are hard wired to meet 10 specific human drives, and how to activate each of them to radically increase your levels of energy, engagement, and productivity.


  • You don’t have to live each moment hoping to have energy, success, etc., you have to generate it. There’s no emotion that you can’t generate-you have to choose to. And the more you choose to, the more you’ll live life.
  • Emotion tied to something helps you learn it.
    • Most people feel overwhelmed and we think people don’t understand that. Others feel that too! We don’t have to go through things alone.
  • 10 human drives (makes up feel alive, engaged, fulfilled)
    • Self knowledge and social connection
      • Baseline: Drive for…
        • Control. Most people use negatively. Most people try to control their lives and control others. This upsets the fluidity of life. Try to control for new. You should be spending just as l\much time trying to find and do new things than you doo with your daily tasks. Controlling for new is having a new perspective-what can I do that will challenge me?
        • Competence. We have to feel like we understand our environment. The more you feel like you can walk into a situation, learn it, understand it, and deal with it, the more your self esteem rises. Set a monthly challenge to learn something new-helps build competence and helps you feel like you’re confident enough to take on new challenges.
        • Congruence. Humans need integrity. When we feel like we’re on path to our highest self, we feel most activated in life. If not, you feel like a fake. Claim your identity-what are the three words you want tot live by every day of your life? what word s define how you interact with others?
        • Caring. We have a sense to care for others and to be cared for. First, you need to care for yourself. People right now know that they’re not caring for themselves. How can you care for your emotional self if you can’t care for yourself physically?
        • Connection. Create positive connections by practice positive projection. Couples that make it, every 1 negative thing they say, 5 positive things are said.We get what we look for in others, so look for greatness.
      • Forward. Dive for…
        • Change. We fear change;  We fear loss (might loose what I like, process pain (change will be hard), outcome change (what if things aren’t better?). Instead of loss, what will I gain? Instead of hating process, how can I set it up to enjoy it? Instead of fearing the outcome, how can I find people who have had positive outcomes that can guide me?
          • Don’t make small changes! That may be why you are miserable. SMART goals might not make you happy-when has the world changed through SMART goals? Leap, instead of crawl! If you’re gonna go for something, go for something!
        • Challenge. What is the one things that is bigger than you? What is the thing that will truly stretch you?
        • Creative expression. You are unique as a human being-no one is you, has your spirit. If you don’t amplify that into the world, you won’t feel alive. How can you creatively express yourself? Biking?
          • Easiest way to get someone feeling themselves/feel alive/feel whole is to do something creative.
        • Contribution. Giving of thyself to the world is your greatest contribution. If you want to contribute, be more of yourself. Live at your highest self, who you were meant to be. When you make decisions from that standpoint, you’re more connected, service-oriented, honorable, authentic, etc…)
        • Consciousness. Transcending our thoughts to reach our highest self. Transcendent through thoughts-think beyond our own minds (meditation, transcending own impulses). Transcending self-transcending to connect to a higher power.
  • What do you need to do to break through to the next level?
  • Sometimes we don’t know the trouble that we’re in until we’re forced to face our life.