I just recently started listening to Sarah Fragoso and and Jason Seib’s Podcast at http:// everydaypaleo.com/category/podcast/ and love their straight talk and easygoing nature. Here are a few words of wisdom…

-Journal-write down your accomplishments and your goals. Helps with body image!

-Write down all the ways you would benefit from magically having your body look the way you want it to. Go down the list and put a checkmark next to each item that is not  entirely related to your own personal opinion of yourself (like, ‘I will be more confident’). Try to find something that would have a benefit about the way you look that is not related to your opinion of yourself. You won’t!

-Get rid of things that you don’t want to be eating in the house. 

-Make a plan and stick to it. Plan out your week, set your goals in the gym, have everything planned out so you can just do it and be confident doing it.