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Check out my CrossFit question on the Everyday Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness Podcast

Shortly after I started CrossFit, I wrote into the Everyday Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness Podcast asking why I wasn’t able to sleep after WODs. Check out the podcast here. I was just having a hard time sleeping through the night and I felt really restless. I was also just sore all the time! Pretty normal after CrossFit though. A few things I realized after listening to my question on the podcast…At that time I was in the beginner class, which met at 7pm. By the time I got home, it was usually around 8:30pm. I wouldn’t eat dinner until 9 or after, then go to bed around 10:30pm. After I switched to an earlier class, I was sleeping much better. Working out late has never worked for me-I get too ramped up and it’s hard to wind down. Also, focusing on recovery and mobility has helped a lot with the soreness.

My post-WOD recovery looks like this: Stretching with bands and on my own (I stretch out pretty much every body part: Legs, arms, stomach, back, neck, hips…Check out a great stretching routine here), rolling out with a foam roller, using a lacrosse ball to roll out tense parts in my back and hips, and keeping moving (while it’s so temping to plop on the couch, keep moving for a little bit after your WOD prevents stiffness). Nutrition wise, I usually drink a protein drink right after I work out (I’m not huge on liquid nutrition, but it makes me feel great after I work out). I’m using a raw protein powder, which tastes horrible, but I’m still working on finding something without chemicals that tastes good. I also drink a lot of water, have a cup of hot water with lemon, and if I’m really sore, take an extra dose of fermented cod liver oil. About a hour or two after a WOD, I eat a meal with protein, starchy carbs, and veggies. Adding in more carbs after I work out has helped me feel more energetic and has made me feel better in general (important since I have thyroid issues). Also, I make sure I don’t go into a WOD starving. That’s never a good feeling! I’ve seen improvements in how fast I recover since I started this post-WOD routine, and also noticed I’m building more muscle then I ever have.

Alright. Time for some Paleo dessert 🙂 Try this cake out…it’s pretty much the best thing ever.


Local Farm to School Advocates on thier way to the White House! Your help needed!

I’ve been working with Common Roots, a local non-profit focusing on farm to school initiatives, for a few months and they got some great news last week! On Friday March 22, 2013 the Superintendent of the Milton School District, John Barone, Sr., received a call from the office of the First Lady. He was then patched through to Michelle Obama. The First Lady conveyed that she has followed Milton School District’s food service changes over the past year. Michelle recently posted a blog from the Milton Food Service Director, Steve Marinelli, about how his students enjoy fresh entrees along with the fruits and vegetables in the new “self-serve” bars.

Steve has completely redesigned the food system in Milton. Food is fresh and nourishing. The breakfast sales have tripled and the school lunches have more than doubled. Faculty who typically did not purchase school food have become regular customers.

Michelle Obama personally invited Milton to chose five fifth graders to travel to the White House and assist her in planting the White House Garden. Students were chosen from essays written about Farm to School and how changes in their school food service have made positive impacts on their school and community. This great experience, however, is not funded by the White House.

Milton is partnering with Common Roots to meet this challenge in a timely fashion on behalf of the students. Common Roots has benefited from the talented expertise of Steve Marinelli as our the South Burlington Food Enterprise Plan was passed by the School Board last week. Common Roots has committed to raising $6,000 needed to cover the student expenses (flight, accommodations and food) of this amazing opportunity.

Please consider making a contribution! Even a little bit helps! This is a great opportunity to get farm to school education (keep in mind, this is one of the first schools to successfully implement a farm to school program in the country) and Vermont in the spotlight!
You can donate through the Common Roots website and go to PayPal or send a check to: Common Roots, PO Box 9335, South Burlington, Vermont 05407

Thank You!

Paleo Meal Planning

Recently I began using Chris Kresser’s Personal Paleo Code. I’ve been Paleo for awhile now, but still feel like something isn’t quite right. I am working to improve my thyroid and autoimmune function, so I’ve decided to seek more help and support through the program and Meal Plan Generator. Meal planning has been crucial, and this week I’m focusing on refining my Paleo diet.

Before I get into the meal planning discussion I just wanted to note that the Personal Paleo Code has been an amazing resource and was great at simply explaining…well, everything! I consider myself pretty well versed in nutrition and Paleo nutrition in general, but I learned a lot from the manual of each of the 3 steps of the program. I also love the additional resources that come with the program which are mostly helpful cheat sheets I plan to post in my kitchen.

Ok, now on to meal planning! Over the past few months I’ve been planning our meals each week and shopping once a week to get everything we’ll need to be successful that week (well, for me to be successful. My fiancee, Ray, isn’t quite on the Paleo bandwagon yet.). I plan for breakfasts and dinners, looking for recipes that will give plenty of leftovers for my lunch. I’m regularly browsing all sorts of blogs, so I keep track of all my Paleo recipes on my Pinterest page. Pinterest has been amazing to organize and keep track of recipes I find, so usually when I’m planning for the week I’ll comb through my board and choose whatever looks yummy for that week. Then, I go through recipe and make a list of everything I need. We don’t keep extra food around (except for things like onions and carrots), so I usually have to buy most of my ingredients fresh. This process will change a bit once we start receiving our weekly farm share in June. In that case, I’ll see what we get for the week and search for recipes with those ingredients. Either way, I end up with a list of ingredients and a list of recipes. I take the list of ingredients to the store, and post the list of recipes on our fridge so we never have to wonder what to have for dinner. After we do a recipe, it gets crossed off.

A couple tips:
-Generally try to find recipes that use similar ingredients through the week, so you can buy ingredients and use them in more than one recipe.
-I like some spontaneity, but I have a few recipes each week I know I’ll make on certain days. If I have CrossFit on Tuesday and Thursday and won’t get home until after 7, I’ll put something in the crock pot in the morning or plan a quick meal/leftovers for that day.
-Try to take an hour or two to prep everything you can for the week. Usually, Ray and I can power through cutting veggies and getting recipes assembled for the week in an hour. I store cut up veggies in leftover plastic lettuce containers, and if I can, assemble whole meals in large mason jars (this works especially well for crockpot meals).

Now, what to eat? These meals are on our plan this week:

Chicken Soup
Butternut Squash Porridge with Strawberries
Chocolate Chia Pudding

Baked Chicken with Artichokes, Mashed Potatoes and Roasted Brussels Sprouts
Honey Glazed Chicken and Bacon Bites, Garlic Sauteed Kale
Crockpot Chicken, Sweet Potato, and Kale Stew
Sweet Caveman Pie
Sage Stew with Pumpkin and Cherries
Chicken Soup
Chicken Drumsticks, Whipped Sweet Potatoes with Coconut Milk, Garlic Sauteed Kale
Baked Sweet Potatoes Stuffed with Veggies and Sausage, adapted by me from this recipe

*If recipe is not linked, then recipe is created by me.
**If recipe has dairy, sugar etc. they will be omitted.
***I don’t plan snacks because I rarely snack!

There you have it! Simple and easy, a little planning goes a long way for me. I would never be able to do this unless I planned out my week. Can’t wait to eat these tasty recipes!

New Friends

I started following Weston A Price last summer and found a farm close by (check them out: The Family Cow Farmstand) that sells raw milk. The cows are usually out to pasture, but they were in for the snowy wet weather. How cute! They weren’t quite sure what to make of me…they just kept staring!

A few words of inspiration…

I just recently started listening to Sarah Fragoso and and Jason Seib’s Podcast at http:// and love their straight talk and easygoing nature. Here are a few words of wisdom…

-Journal-write down your accomplishments and your goals. Helps with body image!

-Write down all the ways you would benefit from magically having your body look the way you want it to. Go down the list and put a checkmark next to each item that is not  entirely related to your own personal opinion of yourself (like, ‘I will be more confident’). Try to find something that would have a benefit about the way you look that is not related to your opinion of yourself. You won’t!

-Get rid of things that you don’t want to be eating in the house. 

-Make a plan and stick to it. Plan out your week, set your goals in the gym, have everything planned out so you can just do it and be confident doing it.

Healing World Cancer Summit Notes

I only attended a couple presentations from the Healing World Cancer Summit, but they were powerful. Here are a few notes, but both are definitely worth looking into more!

Healing World Cancer Summit

Howard Straus

  • Gerson Therapy (,
    • No difference in prevention and treatment (what will cure will prevent)
    • Principles:
      • Deficiency and toxitiy are foundations of disease
      • Restore balance by flooding cofactors and coenzymes and flooding body with perfect nutrients, flushing out toxins from abuse (pharmaceuticals, vaccines, food processing chemicals, pesticides, residual antibiotics, air pollution, water toxicity, etc.)
    • Food: Organic, no preservatives, etc.Fresh, not packaged
      • Vegan, fat free
      • Salt free, msg free
      • When you ingest acidic food, you are creating a cancer friendly environment
      • Cancer can’t live in an alkaline environment-make sure body is alkaline-cancer is found in acidic environment
  • Major deficiencies in our modern diet and repair techniques:
    • Potassium
      • Sodium is an enzyme inhibitor (poison)
    • Thyroid
    • Iodine (potassium iodide) to replace chlorine/flourine in thyroid
    • Liver extract injections
  • Fruit & veggie juices essential
  • Fat: when fat was fed to patients, cancerous legion would grow again; no fats and no oils
    • Flax seed oil helped legions go away, helped heal
  • Coffee enema most powerful detox
      • Must detox to heal

    Kris Carr

    • Practical about self talk-move out of place of fear and stress
    • Anti-inflammatory diet (no processed foods, dairy, sugar)
    • pH balance (Caner prefers acidic environment)
    • Boosting immunity (Green juice)
    • Body work (acupuncture to help adrenals, etc.massage, etc)
    • Meditation
    • Movement (Lymph is toxic disposal system, cleans  while exercising)
    • Skincare (If you wouldn’t drink it, don’t put it on your skin)
    • You can’t master wellbeing-you practice wellbeing. It’s a daily practice.

Brainpower Summit – Brendon Burchard

Brendon Burchard

NYT Best Selling Author, Leading High Performance Expert
Superpower: The Charged Brain

NYT Best Selling Author of “The Charge” shares how he came back from a life threatening accident and brain trauma to become the world’s leading expert on high performance. Brendon will show you how our brains are hard wired to meet 10 specific human drives, and how to activate each of them to radically increase your levels of energy, engagement, and productivity.


  • You don’t have to live each moment hoping to have energy, success, etc., you have to generate it. There’s no emotion that you can’t generate-you have to choose to. And the more you choose to, the more you’ll live life.
  • Emotion tied to something helps you learn it.
    • Most people feel overwhelmed and we think people don’t understand that. Others feel that too! We don’t have to go through things alone.
  • 10 human drives (makes up feel alive, engaged, fulfilled)
    • Self knowledge and social connection
      • Baseline: Drive for…
        • Control. Most people use negatively. Most people try to control their lives and control others. This upsets the fluidity of life. Try to control for new. You should be spending just as l\much time trying to find and do new things than you doo with your daily tasks. Controlling for new is having a new perspective-what can I do that will challenge me?
        • Competence. We have to feel like we understand our environment. The more you feel like you can walk into a situation, learn it, understand it, and deal with it, the more your self esteem rises. Set a monthly challenge to learn something new-helps build competence and helps you feel like you’re confident enough to take on new challenges.
        • Congruence. Humans need integrity. When we feel like we’re on path to our highest self, we feel most activated in life. If not, you feel like a fake. Claim your identity-what are the three words you want tot live by every day of your life? what word s define how you interact with others?
        • Caring. We have a sense to care for others and to be cared for. First, you need to care for yourself. People right now know that they’re not caring for themselves. How can you care for your emotional self if you can’t care for yourself physically?
        • Connection. Create positive connections by practice positive projection. Couples that make it, every 1 negative thing they say, 5 positive things are said.We get what we look for in others, so look for greatness.
      • Forward. Dive for…
        • Change. We fear change;  We fear loss (might loose what I like, process pain (change will be hard), outcome change (what if things aren’t better?). Instead of loss, what will I gain? Instead of hating process, how can I set it up to enjoy it? Instead of fearing the outcome, how can I find people who have had positive outcomes that can guide me?
          • Don’t make small changes! That may be why you are miserable. SMART goals might not make you happy-when has the world changed through SMART goals? Leap, instead of crawl! If you’re gonna go for something, go for something!
        • Challenge. What is the one things that is bigger than you? What is the thing that will truly stretch you?
        • Creative expression. You are unique as a human being-no one is you, has your spirit. If you don’t amplify that into the world, you won’t feel alive. How can you creatively express yourself? Biking?
          • Easiest way to get someone feeling themselves/feel alive/feel whole is to do something creative.
        • Contribution. Giving of thyself to the world is your greatest contribution. If you want to contribute, be more of yourself. Live at your highest self, who you were meant to be. When you make decisions from that standpoint, you’re more connected, service-oriented, honorable, authentic, etc…)
        • Consciousness. Transcending our thoughts to reach our highest self. Transcendent through thoughts-think beyond our own minds (meditation, transcending own impulses). Transcending self-transcending to connect to a higher power.
  • What do you need to do to break through to the next level?
  • Sometimes we don’t know the trouble that we’re in until we’re forced to face our life.

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